We understand the unpleasant feelings of a fracture patient wearing a cast for an extended period. In this cutting-edged science era, Cast is still worn by the traditional procedure.

"HM CAST"(Hybrid-Mesh) is a result of long research, a new generation cast of a new method, unlike existing plaster cast.

"HM CAST"(Hybrid-Mesh) is simply worn around an affected area like the way a stocking is worn unlike the traditional way of taping around an affected area. It is made up of unique material that makes available excellent air permeability, flexibility, and water repellency.

When it comes to water repellency, you don’t need to use an extra waterproof cover but you can dip it in water so it has an excellent air and water permeability, which does not give you any stuffy feeling like existing products.

Hybrid Mesh

The birth of "HM CAST" has innovatively solved the pains and discomfort of patients wearing a cast.
If even with cast worn you can enjoy shower and swimming and you can reduce ill-smelling and itching caused by the cast, wouldn't you naturally choose it as the primary option?
Now the era of traditional plaster cast has gone.
Simple and comfortable "HM CAST" will bring back the patient’s right to happiness.


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