HM CAST is the first orthopedic tubular immobilization system, which is designed from special materials and offers a One-Step Solution, like All in One Kit.
It allows patients to enjoy their daily hygiene routine, to take shower, bath or go to pool without any cast cover on it.

HM CAST is the abbreviation of Hybrid Mesh, meaning that our product is made up of unique fabric that constitutes multi-functioning net (net structure).


The HM SPLINT is a splint designed to provide a better elasticity and skin protection, thanks to its special mesh fabric impregnated with resin and covered with span polar fleece on both sides.

Thanks to its elasticity, smoothness and easy achievement of elliptic form, the HM SPLINT prevents the splint deformity or its wrinkle, so there’s no friction on bending parts and also prevents injuries that may cause its edge sections.

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